Our Business

Passenger Vehicles: New Products, New Ways to Move


For over a decade now, we have shaped the profile of Philippine mobility with pioneering products and services that challenge conventions in performance, eco-friendliness, and design. The Modern Premium products of the world’s 6th best automotive brand are thoughtfully designed and engineered to respond to the stories that we share, as motorists and as consumers, to what we need and desire most in life.


There will always be one in our extensive vehicle portfolio that shows you that we care.


This is how we raise the bar for the sustainability of our business and of the communities where we operate.


Commercial Vehicles: Your Trusted Partner to Success


On February 15, 2016, we completed our product lineup, with HMC awarding HARI the exclusive Philippine distributorship of Hyundai Trucks and Buses.


Ably supported by our nationwide dealership network, we are poised to tap into the huge potential of the Filipino Commercial Vehicle (CV) market, ranging from SMEs to large-scale commercial/industrial/B2B accounts.


Hyundai CV offerings cover not only a wide range of globally acclaimed light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks, buses and special-purpose vehicles, but also the After-Sales service and parts required to effectively serve the specific requirements of our clients.


The initial tranche of dedicated CV dealership facilities situated in 10 key locations nationwide is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.


As we position the HARI CV division to be the Filipino's lifetime provider of sustainable customer solutions in their freight, payload, and mass mobility needs, we open new venues to drive the ascent of the Philippine economy.



To be the most trusted and preferred lifetime partner of Filipino business and the community in their mass mobility and payload needs.



To be the leading provider of sustainable, environment-friendly, world-class, innovative, and cost-effective customer and Business-to-Business mobility and payload solutions in the Commercial Vehicles Trade.


Trucks: The Hyundai HD Series


Tough, stylish, comfortable, cost-effective, and dependable, the Hyundai HD series is the perfect solution to the rigorous demands of business. Every Hyundai truck comes with a rigidly constructed frame of high-tensile steel matched with Hyundai’s world-class heavy-duty diesel engines for low-maintenance 24/7 operation. With less downtime, the HD series guarantees increased owner and driver satisfaction, as well as profit potential in mass urban distribution, long-distance hauling, construction, and other bulk payload requirements.



For almost five decades, Hyundai has been bringing people in over 130 countries closer in their work and leisure activities with a comprehensive lineup of versatile, dependable, comfortable, and stylish buses. There is a Hyundai bus model for every mass transport/group mobility need: the Aero series for premium city operations, the Universe for luxurious long-distance mass transport, and the Country and H350 for small business mobility. Combining outstanding ergonomics and aesthetics, Hyundai buses offer satisfying profit to owner-operators, and endless pleasure on the road to drivers and passengers alike.



Special Vehicles

Built on demand to meet your specific business purpose or need, ranging from fuel tanks, fire trucks, and cranes, to car carriers and ambulances, Hyundai Special Vehicles have gained a sterling reputation worldwide for outstanding performance, quality, and reliability backed by a tireless quest for technological innovation and a highly skilled, dedicated workforce.


Hyundai Special Vehicles are available in over 150 different models and are sold in more than a hundred countries. The highly efficient design of their upper bodies assures top-notch performance and versatility for the wide variety of work that they take on. All units are field-tested to guarantee superb functioning under all work conditions, satisfying the most stringent safety standards and delivering cost-effectiveness in spades.



After-Sales Service


We have introduced a number of Industry “firsts” in our After Sales offerings to constantly assure you of the integrity of Hyundai engineering and excellence in customer care:


5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty Program. First introduced in 2007 as the “5-Year Warranty,” breaking the boundaries of the traditional 3-year warranty offered by most brands, we have surpassed our own Warranty program to offer new value and greater peace of mind. Thus the program remains the first and only of its kind in the Philippine automotive industry.


Hyundai Fast Track. Jet Service, our pioneering Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) “Quick Service Lane” at Hyundai dealerships, is on its Third Generation--bolder, faster, and better in meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyles.


Hyundai Master Card. Our trailblazing privilege card has been repositioned as the ultimate fuel and maintenance card, featuring unparalleled 5% fuel rebate at any service station anywhere in the Philippines.


Hyundai F.I.R.S.T. (Fast and Immediate Rescue and Service Team). Formerly known as Hyundai SAGIP, we continue to ensure that our pioneering coordinated roadside service for calamity-damaged Hyundai cars is there for you, 24/7.


Hyundai C.A.R.E.S. (Customer Assistance and Response System). The Industry’s first and only in-house contact center assures pleasant and seamless customer interaction with HARI and our dealerships, at all touchpoints across all available communication platforms.


Call for Service Inspection (CSI) Your hotline to highly trained technicians bringing the tried-and-proven reliability of Hyundai Trucks and Buses maintenance and services at your doorstep.