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Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.

In August 2001, Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) of South Korea appointed Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) as the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines. Driven by a young and dynamic workforce and a fast-growing nationwide fortress of 41 passenger cars and 14 commercial vehicle dealerships, we have earned our rightful place as one of the top players in the Philippine automotive industry.

Customer-driven innovation fuels our journey as the Filipino’s lifetime partner in mobility and beyond. Every year, we open a new chapter in our never-ending quest to discover new ways of satisfying today’s market and exploring new venues for expansion into real estate development, management and consultancy, and vehicle assembly.

Brand Manifesto


Our idea of future mobility is based on the strong commitment that we give to society. We are here to do the right thing, for humanity.

Our focus on humanity means we understand what people want in life. To get the most out of time we have.

We understand that time is the most precious commodity of all, the one thing money can’t buy.

That is how life is not just about spending time, it’s all about time well spent.

Our purpose is to reinvent the 24 hours that we are equally given into quality time, making every moment truly worthwhile and rewarding.

This is our future mobility.

It’s not about going from A to B, it’s about the moments that truly matter.

Connecting people with quality time.

The Story of Our Hearts
We have the power to move hearts and minds
Forge solid partnerships
Build a sustainable, climate change-resilient nation
One community at a time

To build a climate change-adaptive and -resilient nation where every Filipino responsibly protects and preserves the environment

To educate, mobilize, and empower every Filipino to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change

Since 2006, HARI Foundation, Inc. (HFI) has harnessed the power of the heart of the Filipino to uplift lives one community at a time. We have successfully engaged government and private bodies to implement philanthropic endeavors in the areas of education, community development, social entrepreneurship, healthcare, environment, road safety, and women and youth empowerment.

Fully aware that poverty is more than just the lack of resources, but of options to pursue a better life, we streamlined our vision of responsible corporate citizenship to a more focused, long-term, multi-disciplinary, and multi-stakeholder solution that entails further expanding our network of corporate partners.

The story of HFI in the 21st century goes by the acronym H.E.A.R.T.—Health, Education, Aspirations, Rebuilding Communities, and Transformative Leadership. We kick off a new leg in our journey to broaden the scope and scale of our programs so that these be relevant, meaningful, and engaging to our stakeholders, especially those at the grassroots. More than a foundation, HFI is a movement to build a better world for all, driven by faith in the power of the Filipino’s heart to realize and advance dreams of shared prosperity for all.

HFI has received recognition for good governance, sound financial management, accountability, and leadership in bringing together diverse sectors to collaborate in long-term nation-building programs


HARI aims to be the leading automotive firm and trusted lifetime partner of Filipinos in creating value for a sustainable future.


HARI is committed to fostering a culture of excellence in pioneering solutions towards delighting customers and raising brand equity, adhering to good corporate governance practices, strengthening strategic alliances, business and community partnerships, and furthering a human-centric approach in empowering its employees.

Core Values

Hyundai Motor Company, the world’s fifth largest automotive firm, has built its name on a set of values that define and guide employee behavior. We, too, have established core values that our employees live by to fulfill our vision to uplift the Filipino way of life through mobility and to be a catalyst for inclusive growth in the country.

We adhere to high ethical standards and to what is right and fair at all times.

We think and act to develop and apply best solutions to creating new value for the customer and the organization.

We are quick to analyze, respond, and adapt to the needs and wants of our customers, keeping in mind the Company’s vision.

We conscientiously oblige ourselves, as individuals, to deliver on our performance.

Customer Relationship
The customer is at the heart of our being and drives everything we do.

We stand out in everything we do in order to transform HARI from being a good company to a great company.