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Fuel Your Car Dreams with Smart Saving Habits

Posted September 1, 2021

Hello, ‘ber! Yes, it’s that time of the year! Thinking of finally rewarding yourself with that dream car? Buying one is like setting off on an exciting road trip. You plan ahead to get to your destination with the least possible bumps.

  1. 1. Research, research, research! Everything’s online now, so it’s easier to check out the product, deals, and price that’s best for you. You can then confidently come up with a shortlist of what you want and can afford.
  2. 2. Take stock. Owning a car is not that simple. The cost of ownership goes beyond the initial down payment. This would include, among many, monthly payments, registration and renewal fees, insurance, maintenance, fuel, and parking fees.
  3. From Tima Miroshnichenko (Pexels.com)
  4. 3. Set goals. Rethink your saving and spending habits. Determine your projected monthly spend. You can open a high interest savings account just for this. Opt for limited access to avoid spur of the moment withdrawals. You can also set up an automatic debit arrangement so that money goes directly into your “car account” every pay day. That way, you won’t get caught flat-footed by huge bills at the end of the month.
  5. From Michael Longmire (Unsplash.com)
  6. 4. Track your weekly spend. Throw instant gratification out the window. Set aside money only for the basics, like food and rent. Kick out or trim down your fashionista, gamer, spa, or coffee whims—whatever it is that tempts you most.
  7. From Konstantin Evdokimov (Unsplash.com)
  8. 5. Piggy bank it. Never underestimate the small stuff. If you’ve saved up on a few coins or bills from your monthly expenses, give them a special spot in your house, like a nice box or vase. Give it a name. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve saved. You now have something extra to deposit to your “car account!”
  9. From Visual Stories - Micheile (Unsplash.com)
  10. 6. Boost your income. Negotiate for a salary increase. Or do some odd jobs after work or on weekends. This will not only keep you busy and productive, but focused on your savings goal.
  11. 7. Avoid the debt trap. Or pay up ASAP! Don’t be fooled by easy installment offers. Consult a friend or a professional financial planner to help you.
  12. 8. Eyes on the prize. Imagine yourself with your loved ones taking that first spin. If it helps, keep photos of it on your phone or laptop or fridge door. This little trick can inspire and remind you of what you’re really working for.

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