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Time for Some “Social” Distancing

Posted September 13, 2021

While a stay-cation remains the order of the day, the onset of ‘BER may inspire you to take the family on a special day out. And that takes advanced planning. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind.

1. Flying is an option but since local flights are limited and because you have better control over your personal space in your own car, microtravel remains your best bet.

2. Medical experts favor renting private homes because you can clean up and sanitize them yourself, but if you don’t want that, then consider boutique or stand-alone bungalows, cottages, or hotels that offer open spaces to reduce chances of close interaction with other guests.

As of April 2021, 40 hotels across the country have the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels Stamp. This means that they are implementing the standard health protocols for tourism establishments.

3. Your healthiest option would be the great outdoors—in or surrounded by water or hiking or camping at scenic mountain spots. Floating house resorts are becoming popular. These are small, rustic spaces designed to blend with their surroundings and offer a panoramic view of Nature’s stunning beauty. Check these out:

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4. Know AND observe the COVID regulations of the area. Updates should be available online at https://philippines.travel/safetrip

5. Book the earliest you can but expect the unexpected. Read the fine print for flexible cancellation policies.

6. Prep yourself and your companions. Schedule your COVID-19 PCR or rapid test before you set off AND once you get home.

7. Prep your grab-and-go bag: documents (permits, vaccine certificates, IDs), medicine, first-aid kit, extra masks and face shields, disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, soap and anti-back detergent, rags and towels, disinfecting sprays, and wipes. You can never be “over-prepared.”

8. Prep your brood. By the time you set off, the kids should know that they always have to mask up, keep their hands clean, and avoid touching anything in public spaces.

9. Prep your budget. Microtravel helps support local businesses! Remember to use your credit card whenever you can but be ready with some cash to pay local vendors and tip the hospitality staff who take pains to make your stay safe and enjoyable.

10. Prep your car. Chances are, you haven’t been using it as much, so it may be time to send it for preventive maintenance to avoid potential breakdowns. Hyundai makes it easier because you can book your service appointments online at the new and improved Hyundai.ph.

The journey gets much better with a safe, comfy, and fuel-efficient vehicle, like the Hyundai Starex. It holds a proud 20-year tradition as the Filipino family’s van of choice. The famously spacious interiors allow up to eight passengers (including your fur babies) to maintain physical distancing while enjoying the creature comforts of road travel: for the neat freak, generous loading capacity at the back, plus generous side and front storage areas; dual sliding doors for easy boarding and alighting at every stop; swivel seats to adjust to your liking; A/C vents all around the cabin; and a safe and stable drive that’s noise- and vibration-free, guaranteed to lull you into dreamland and wake up, refreshed to take in the hidden wonders that await you!

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