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12 Tips for Stress-free Holiday Shopping: Put an Accent On It

Posted September 24, 2021

Seller or shopper: by this time, your shopping list is getting longer by the minute! While you can get almost anything online these days, you may still need to make a couple of trips. This calls for careful planning--and mindfulness to ensure your safety and that of your goods. Since the holidays are a heyday for thieves, here are 10 things to keep in mind for safe holiday shopping.

1. Head off early to avoid crowds and so keep to the required physical distancing.

2. Mask up and have your hand sanitizer within reach. You’ll be in contact with more people and will be handling more items than usual.

3. Give high-touch points a quick wipe down. Bring fresh rags and your trusty car cleaning product for those door handles, car seats, seatbelts, keys, steering wheel, gear lever, dashboard, switches and buttons. (Remember to do more serious cleaning and sanitizing as soon as you get home.)

4. Don’t bring wads of cash. Use your credit or debit card. Besides being a sound health practice, it can keep “sticky” hands off your hard-earned money.

5. Never text or take calls while driving. Pull over for emergency calls. Otherwise, consider tossing your phone into the glove compartment for some moments of peace and quiet.

6. Park close to the store or mall entrance to keep your car within sight of the security staff. If it’s getting dark, choose a well-lit spot.

7. When parking, back up instead of going front-first. It will be easier for you to pull out. Check your back-up cam and mirrors to see what’s going on around you.

8. Watch out for suspicious people. Hold your bag close to your body or keep your wallet inside your front pocket.

9. Always lock the car and close the windows before alighting, especially if you are making several stops.

10. Never leave packages in plain sight on the front and back seats. They are a thief magnet. Stow them in the trunk and other compartments, or use a cargo cover.

11. Always do a quick check around as you approach and get into your car. Have your keys ready and lock the doors as soon as you get in.

12. Have big ticket purchases delivered to your house or drop them off yourself before moving on to other errands. This extra trip should save you money and even possible heartache.

Surviving the holiday rush calls for a secure, sensible, fuel-efficient city drive, which the Hyundai Accent offers. Its solid lightweight structure made from the signature Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) keeps you safe on the road, while the roomy trunk and cabin can easily take in your holiday stash.

More importantly, the Accent’s famed CRDi engine saves you on precious fuel: that’s around 9.57km/L at peak traffic and 29.41km/L for highway driving.

These safety steps can take up a few extra minutes but keep them in mind and you (and your loved ones) will thank you for doing so!