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'Tis the Season to Move It

Posted October 26, 2021

Need “sana-all” space for holiday errands? The Hyundai Starex is your best bet. Famously spacious, you can adjust it to take in cargo or passengers or both to multiple destinations seamlessly, safely, and comfortably. With smart planning and mindful packing, you can make every trip count and cut down on unnecessary ones.

Marie Kondo It First off, toss the junk. Clean up and discover how much space you actually have.

The Starex’s rear seats easily slide and fold up so you can plan on how to maximize that huge cargo space.

Bin It   Invest in foldable lightweight trunk organizers. Use those big grocery cartons before you throw them out. Extra-large garbage bags come in handy, too, and you can still save them for later to take out the trash. Consider getting cargo trays to catch leaks that may stain, damage, or leave a bad smell on your flooring.

Loading and unloading your items is a breeze as the signature dual sliding doors of the Starex can conveniently open on whichever side of the vehicle you’re at.

Sort It   Segregate the wet goods from the dry. Load heavy items first; the lighter ones go on top.

Color-Code It   For easy identification, label or assign a specific color to each item group—e.g. red for wet market and other perishables, blue for dry grocery items, white for fragile items, etc.

Layer It   There are trunk organizers and cargo covers designed to serve as makeshift shelves. These are usually made from mesh and other sturdy synthetic material. The Hyundai store carries accessories that are made to fit your specific car model.

Secure It   Everything must stay upright, right side up, and with reduced risk of rolling or sliding around. Use a cargo net to hold everything together. Fill empty spaces in and between packages with soft items, like towels, or old newspapers or cartons.

You can be doubly secure because the Starex is built for a steady, stable ride, with maximum stopping power and outstanding control. The front-mounted engine not only lessens noise and vibration; it also absorbs the impact in cases of frontal collision. While the Rear Parking Assist System literally has your back with 4-eye sensors that quickly alert you of obstacles while maneuvering backwards.

Pocket It   Make the Starex’s multiple compartments work harder for you. Hang multi-pocket organizers on the back seats to hold small items, like drugstore purchases.

You can never go wrong with the Hyundai Starex as it doubles up as your family and business mover. Or if it’s a pure hauler you want, you can check out the Hyundai Starex Cargo Van which comes in three variants with the interiors configured to suit your needs. Whichever variant you choose, you still get the power and fuel efficiency to get you through the coming months of mounting traffic.

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