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Celebrate Life as It Happens: Kristina Celebre is Proud of Her Hyundai Accent

Posted March 13, 2020

Have you ever wished for things to have turned out differently? We’re only three months into the year and a lot has already happened to our country and to the world—and just keeping up with all the information is challenging enough. What more if you’re one of those directly affected by this series of unfortunate events?

Kristina Celebre, a Proud of My Accent (POMA) video contest winner, sheds light on why it pays to think positively all the time. The Celebre family’s favorite home in Tagaytay was damaged by Taal Volcano eruption and ensuing ash fall. A few months earlier, she captured on video the lush scenery of city on the ridge and used this as part of her entry to the competition.

Sowing Positivity

“I opted to feature Tagaytay in my video because my family and I love the Mahogany garden and Lourdes Church. We often visit those places,” she explains.


Kristina now lives in Cainta, Rizal, but she would always go back to her happy place and share the splendor of the Philippines’ second summer capital through her winning entry to the Proud of My Accent campaign.

“Tagaytay is great. The beauty of the place, the climate, bulalo, and the view of Taal Lake made my family buy a place there,” she raves, adding that should not let external events get the better of one’s self. “It just needs time to heal,” she reflects. Her beloved space may now be buried in ash but the great memories will live on.

Kristina’s fortitude rears its softer side when she recalls telling her mom that she was one of the grand prize winners of POMA. “From the beginning, my mom had been proud of me when she was campaigning with my friends. I’m so thankful for her and Hyundai,” she shares, bursting in tears at the thought of her parents supporting her all the way. “Not ever in the next years to come that I will get this kind of opportunity…. To celebrate, we will have a simple gathering, maybe a takeout and eat at home. The rest will be set aside for practical things.”


 Winning on Positivity

Kristina still can’t get over actually winning Php150,000 cash with her 45-second video featuring her culture and beloved Hyundai Accent.


“People really do win in a contest…My dad preferred to buy the Hyundai Accent 1.6 CRDi Diesel, 7-speed DCT sedan, and he got in touch with the agent. From sales to support, they have been very accommodating,” said Kristina, speaking highly of the experience brought by Hyundai from point of purchase up to maintaining the car.

One turn of event may change the course of life from good to bad but Kristina Celebre continues to glow with positivity—winning the Proud of My Accent contest or not.

Being grateful always brings positive vibes. It helps you move on and forge ahead. And like Kristina’s Hyundai Accent with 1.6 CRDi engine and 7-speed dual clutch transmission, you can move ahead with exceptional power and fuel-efficiency.

Check out the Hyundai Accent at http://bit.ly/HyAccent2019.